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Holy Spirit Prep’s 较低的学校

Holy Spirit Preparatory School’s 较低的学校 provides an authentically Catholic education for students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Our nurturing environment allows students to grow in virtue and love for Christ and the Church, while molding their hearts and minds as they develop fundamental skills in grammar and arithmetic.


Our approach is rooted in the Catholic faith with a focus on forming virtue and intellect, providing a time-tested classical pedagogy that inspires our students to seek the truth, and teaching them prudence to exercise sound judgment.

Along with encouraging our students to achieve academic excellence, we teach them to recognize God and His plan for the world in all of our classes.

By orienting students’ minds to God, we aim to provide them with the opportunity to mature into faithful, capable adults who thrive in life. For more details about individual grade level curriculum, please view the 较低的学校 课程 Guide.

Holy Spirit Preparatory School


Before and 课后照顾

Our Before and 课后照顾 program provides a place for 较低的学校 and 中学 students to be cared for when their 父母 need childcare outside of the normal school day. The program is staffed by members of the school’s faculty and provides study time, supervised recess and activities, and afternoon snacks.



  • 7:20到7:40

Registration is required for 较低的学校 Early Morning Care.


  • Cougar Hour: 3:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Extended School Program: 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Cougar Hour includes the following opportunities:

  • Tutorials: Tutorials are available to students by appointment with faculty members.
  • Clubs are provided by faculty members or outside vendors, for an additional fee set by the vendor.
    • Boys’ Club – provided by ECYD Missionaries and Fr. 安德鲁
    • Gymnastics – provided by Airborn Gym ATL
    • i信仰 – provided by ECYD
    • Robotics Club – provided by Stemtree
    • Spanish Club – provided by Brilliant Bilingual
    • Sport participation – provided by Atlanta Playball
    • STEM Club – provided by Stemtree

Learn more about clubs at Holy Spirit Prep.

Registration is required for the 较低的 and 中学 Extended School Program.


We’ve been here for 12 years, and we plan on staying here until our youngest graduates from HSP. 对我们来说, it is a place where we know our children are safe, 他们正在茁壮成长, and they are developing into amazing young men.

Parent of 较低的学校, 中学, and 高中 students

St. Elizabeth Ann 西顿资优中心

Our 西顿资优中心 serves gifted students from 3rd-5th grade for 45-60 minutes once a week. Admission to the Seton Center’s gifted program is by invitation and requires a student to have earned a total composite score at or above the 80th percentile on a grade-level standardized achievement test or a mental ability test taken within the past year. Once students are admitted, they remain in the program for the entire school year and are re-evaluated each year until they reach 中学.


  • 读书会
  • Field trips to cultural events
  • Group service projects
  • Individual and group research and writing projects
  • Learning modules that run approximately nine weeks in length and include a separate literature component. Learning modules are concentrated on math, science, and history topics.
  • STEAM实验室活动

John Carroll Resource Center

Our John Carroll Resource Center (JCRC) provides support to students in grades K-8 with different learning profiles, helping maximize each student’s unique learning potential. JCRC的工作人员, 课堂上老师, 父母, and students work together to help students achieve academic independence in both group and one-on-one settings.

Program eligibility requires a current psychoeducational evaluation, as well as supplemental tuition cost.

  • Grades 2 through 8: Enrolled students receive instruction on enhancing study habits and improving organizational strategies, participating in small group tutoring sessions with their resource teacher to focus on areas where individual students require additional help.
  • Grades 2 through 5 only: In the resource program, students receive daily language arts instruction in the JCRC, where resource teachers provide them with small group instruction using a multi-sensory format.

Holy Spirit Preparatory School


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